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Rename Subtitle File names Automatically to Match Videos Easily through the Sight Tool.

The purpose? Rename the name of the subtitles attached to the drama so that it corresponds to the video file name

Why? Any video player can automatically load subtitles if the video file name corresponds to the subtitle file name (the same file name).

Compared with ordinary batch name change software, what are the similarities and differences?
SubRenamer focuses on renaming subtitle files and is easy to use.

For most video and subtitle files, you only need to drag them into the program, you can automatically and accurately identify, one-click name change, eliminating the more complicated Settings of ordinary name change software.


Small size (~1MB)
Simple operation
Drag and drop files to import
One click name change
Automatic matching (no need to import order)
Manual matching (exact matching)
Regular expression matching (Complex requirements)
Support backup of original subtitles
You can export commands as command-line commands
Support for modifying video file names according to subtitles (VideoRenamer)

Automatic matching mode
“Automatic matching” refers to: by comparing the difference between the file names of two subtitles or videos, to determine the location of the “number of episodes”, so as to more accurately associate the video file with the subtitle file, to achieve the purpose of “one-click name change”.

This means that you need to import at least two video files and two subtitle files for automatic matching.

Manual matching mode
For example, if you have a situation where a video has subtitle files in multiple languages, and these subtitle files exist in the same folder, which makes it impossible to accurately correlate the video and subtitles through Auto Match mode, you can use manual match mode.

Source code:

GitHub – qwqcode/SubRenamer: 🎞 字幕文件一键批量重命名工具 | Subtitle File Batch Renaming Tool with One-Click Automation and Intelligence

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