mouse autoclicker

Alpha Clicker is a autoclicker for Windows with a modern user interface

Ever got tired of the old design of your autoclicker. This is for you.
Just you search “Autoclicker” and you will get a bunch of ancient autoclickers (which work, but looks ancient). 

⚙️ Functionality:

It basically works just like any other autoclicker.

  • Change Click Interval
  • Click At A Random Interval
  • Change Mouse Button
  • Change Click Type (Single / Double)
  • Repeat Forever or Repeat Specified times
  • Click At Current Mouse Location or At Given Coordinates
  • Toggle Topmost
  • Change Theme
  • Change Hotkey

📖 How to install

  1. Go to the
  2. Click AlphaClicker.exe to start download

Source code:

GitHub – robiot/AlphaClicker: 🖱️ Windows Autoclicker with a modern ui

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