Free HEIC Viewer


The product (Free HEIC Viewer) is a professional viewer for HEIC files.

It is free to view HEIC image.

Details description

1. Zoom in or out image.
2. Rotate the image.
Photo Gallery.
If you want to convert HEIC to another common format, such as jpeg, please purchase and download Batch-Converter ($0.99) here.

Use Guides

Viewing HEIC files

  • 1. Click the "Open HEIC" button or drag the heic file to the dialog.

  • 2. Zoom in or out the image through clicking the Zoom in and out button on the bottom.
  • 3. Rotate the image through clicking the rotate button on the bottom.
  • 4. delete the image through clicking the delete button on the bottom.
  • 5. More actions: Slide-Show and Share.
  • 6. Photo Gallery: Change to photo gallery mode which like Windows Explorer through the "Photo Gallery" button on the bottom.
  • 7. Open and download the Batch Converter through clicking the "Batch-Converter Entry" button on the bottom or the popup memu.
  • Note. You need to purchase and download Batch-Converter to use batch converter feature.