HEIC Image Viewer - Support Converter


The product (HEIC Image Viewer - Support Converter) is a professional viewer and converter for HEIC files.

Print, Viewing and Batch Conversion features are included.

Details description

Batch convert HEIC files to: BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIFF.
1.Create converted file in a new folder optionally.
2.Create converted file side-by-side with the origin HEIC files, with the same file name.

Use Guides

Viewing HEIC files

  • 1. Click the "Open HEIC" button or drag the heic file to the dialog.

  • 2. Zoom in or out the image through clicking the Zoom in and out button on the bottom.
  • 3. Rotate the image through clicking the rotate button on the bottom.
  • 4. delete the image through clicking the delete button on the bottom.
  • 5. More actions: Print, Converter, Slide-Show and Share.
  • 6. Photo Gallery: Change to photo gallery mode which like Windows Explorer through the "Photo Gallery" button on the bottom.
  • 7. Open the Batch Converter through clicking the "Batch-Converter Entry" button on the bottom or the popup memu.
  • How to use Batch-Converter?

  • 1. Open the Converter dialog from the viewing page, as bellow:
  • 2. Click "Open heic files" or "Open Folder" to load the HEIC images those you want to convert.
  • 3. Select "Saving Format" those you want to save.
  • 4. Change "destination folder". The default saved file path is the same as the source file.
  • 5. Start Convert. Enjoy the converting process.