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On this page, you can download OBS Studio. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

File Size Release date Number of downloads
OBS Studio x64 installer
For 64-bit OS.
72.11 MB 06.01.2021 19:18 UTC 8 589
OBS Studio x64 zip
For 64-bit OS. Portable.
95.2 MB 06.01.2021 19:18 UTC 2 332
OBS Studio x86 installer
For 32-bit OS.
69.18 MB 06.01.2021 19:17 UTC 989
OBS Studio x86 zip
For 64-bit OS. Portable.
90.48 MB 06.01.2021 19:18 UTC 889
Download OBS Studio Windows Store
For 64 & 32-bit OS.
90.48 MB 06.01.2021 19:18 UTC 3889

Supported Windows Versions (32 bit and 64 bit):

● Windows 10

● Windows 8 and 8.1

● Windows 7

Download OBS Studio for mac OS X

File Size Release date Number of downloads
OBS Studio installer for mac OS X 128.98 MB 09.01.2021 02:49 UTC 10 89

Download OBS Studio for Linux

Any installation directions marked Unofficial are not maintained by the OBS Studio author and may not be up to date or stable.


OpenGL 3.2 or later is required to use OBS Studio on Linux. You can check what version of OpenGL is supported by your system by typing the following into the terminal:

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL"

Ubuntu Linux


1. FFmpeg is required. If you do not have the FFmpeg installed (if you’re not sure, then you probably don’t have it), you can get it with the following commands:

For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, FFmpeg is not officially included so you will need a specific PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kirillshkrogalev/ffmpeg-next

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

For Ubuntu 15.04 and following versions, FFmpeg is officially included, so you don’t need add PPA and you can install it with this command:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

2. xserver-xorg version 1.18.4 or newer is recommended to avoid potential performance issues with certain features in OBS, such as the fullscreen projector.


You can install OBS Studio on Ubuntu Linux with the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install obs-studio

Arch Linux (Unofficial)

“Release” version is available on community repository:

sudo pacman -S obs-studio

Fedora Installation (Unofficial)

● OBS Studio is included in RPM Fusion. If you do not have it configured (if you’re not sure, then you probably don’t have it), you can do so with the following command:

sudo dnf install https://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm https://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

● Then you can install OBS with the following command (this pulls all dependencies, including NVENC-enabled ffmpeg):

sudo dnf install obs-studio

● For NVIDIA Hardware accelerated encoding make sure you have CUDA installed (in case of an older card, install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-340xx-cuda instead):

sudo dnf install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda

● The Packman repository contains the obs-studio package since it requires the fuller version of FFmpeg which is in Packman for legal reasons. If you do not already have the Packman repository add it as shown below. For openSUSE Tumbleweed:

sudo zypper ar --refresh --priority 90 http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Tumbleweed packman

For openSUSE Leap 42.3:

sudo zypper ar --refresh http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_42.3 packman

For openSUSE Leap 42.2:

sudo zypper ar --refresh http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_42.2 packman

For openSUSE Leap 42.1:

sudo zypper ar --refresh http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_42.1 packman

For openSUSE Leap 13.2:

sudo zypper ar --refresh http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_13.2 packman

It is recommended to set the priority for Packman lower so it takes precedence over base repositories (skip on Tumbleweed as included in initial command).

sudo zypper mr --priority 90 packman

● The Packman version of FFmpeg should be used for full codec support.

To ensure any existing FFmpeg packages are switched to Packman versions execute the following before installing obs-studio.

sudo zypper dup --repo packman

Install the obs-studio package.

sudo zypper in obs-studio

NixOS Installation (Unofficial)

nix-env -i obs-studio

Download source code

● Source code of OBS Studio 26.1.2:

zipball (zip archive)

tarball (tar archive)

● The latest source code of OBS Studio (master branch):